VPSO warns residents of IRS scams

The following is a news release from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office:

Sheriff Sam Craft of the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to warn residents of an IRS Scam which tends to target immigrants and elderly persons.
This scam begins when a fake IRS agent telephones a taxpayer and indicates that the taxpayer owes back taxes.  The caller will then pressure and coerce the resident for a debit card or a monetary wire transfer.
The caller may in fact provide the resident with the last four digits of their social security number and in doing so may be able to coerce the resident into thinking this is a legitimate call.
The caller may also use threats of arrest or suspension of driver’s license as a means to intimidate the resident into sending them money.
The resident’s caller ID may display that the phone number calling belongs to the IRS but in reality scam artists manipulate the phone system and the calling number is in no way affiliated with the IRS. Scammers may also make additional calls to residents and manipulate the phone number so that the number appears to belong to local law enforcement or the department of motor vehicle office.
The IRS DOES NOT contact residents by telephone or email and make demands for debit or credit card payments nor do they use license suspension or deportation as a threat for payment.
In many cases the telephone calls from scammers are followed up with threatening emails.
The IRS utilizes written correspondence as a means to contact taxpayers.
Anyone who has been contacted in this manner can contact the Internal Revenue Service in Alexandria, Louisiana at 318-445-8028 to confirm that the IRS has in fact been contacting you.
Sheriff Craft asks that family members advise their elderly loved ones of the scam and caution their loved ones not to provide any personal or bank information to unknown calling parties.
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