Vernon Parish area lawmaker to propose La. Wounded Warrior Fund bill again


Rep. Frankie Howard will once again propose a measure to dedicate a portion of the state excise tax levied on some alcoholic beverages to the Louisiana Wounded Warrior Fund.

Howard, R-Many, attempted the legislation last year, but it was stymied in a House committee.

Howard told the West Central News Center recently that he's hoping to gain the support of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs this time around.

The bill would dedicate 10 percent of the money collected from the sale of low alcoholic content beverages to a fund that would assist the state's wounded warriors. It would be funneled through the state treasury.

"The monies in the fund shall be appropriated and used solely for expenses and costs associated with the hospitalization or rehabilitation of Louisiana citizens wounded while serving in the military," the measure states.

The bill calls for the money in the fund to be invested by the state treasurer "in the same manner as monies in the state general fund."

Under the bill, any interest earned on the investment would be credited to the state general fund.

Present law provides for the levy and imposition of an excise tax "on all beverages of low alcoholic content of $10 per barrel containing not more than 31 gallons, and at a like rate for fractional parts of a barrel," according to state law.

The 2014 Legislative session begins March 10 in Baton Rouge.
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