Wounded Warrior Fund bill pulled from committee due to budget, but still in works

BATON ROUGE -- Rep. Frankie Howard, R-Many, said his bill that would dedicate 15 percent of the state excise tax levied on low alcoholic content beverages to the "La. Wounded Warrior Fund," has been pulled amid the state's budget shortage, but he's still pursuing it.

Howard and Rep. James K. Armes, D-Leesville, presented the bill Monday before the House Appropriations Committee, but Howard said state budget problems have left coffers dry.

"The funding is not available right now so we stacked the bill rather than have them kill it. We're going to go from there. We're still looking at it, looking at how we can fund it," Howard told the West Central News Desk on Tuesday.

Present law provides for the levy and imposition of an excise tax "on all beverages of low alcoholic content of $10 per barrel, containing not more than 31 gallons, and at a like rate for fractional parts of a barrel," according to the bill, House Bill 169.

"Proposed law retains present law but requires that 15 percent of the avails of the tax levied pursuant to present law be deposited into the La. Wounded Warrior Fund," the bill states.

"Proposed law establishes the La. Wounded Warrior Fund as a special fund in the state treasury. Further requires, after satisfying the requirements of the Bond Security and Redemption Fund, the state treasurer to annually deposit into the fund 15 percent of the avails of the state excise tax levied pursuant to present law of low alcoholic content," it continues.

The money could only be used for costs associated with the rehabilitation of Louisiana veterans wounded while serving during the Persian Gulf War and conflicts thereafter.

The bill has an effective date of July 1.
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