Smith files proposal regarding costs in mayor's court in Anacoco

BATON ROUGE -- State Sen. John Smith, R-Leesville, has filed a proposed bill that, if approved, would increase authorized court costs for municipal ordinance violations in the mayor's court in Anacoco.

Present law outlines that the mayor, as presiding court officer, can impose court costs not to exceed $30 for each offense on any defendant convicted of violating an ordinance.

"Proposed law retains present law and further provides that in addition to the court costs authorized by present law, the mayor, as the presiding officer of the court of the town of Anacoco, may impose additional court costs not to exceed $20 for each offense, as defined by ordinance, on any defendant convicted of a violation of a municipal ordinance," the proposal states.

If approved, the bill would go into effect on Aug. 1.

The legislative session begins in Baton Rouge on March 10.
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