DeRidder woman hopes to interest others in 'geocaching'

DERIDDER -- A challenge -- that's why DeRidder resident Stacy Ranew began geocaching. She's been doing it for about a year now.

Ranew's passion has led her all over the state, traversing through mud holes in the woods, looking behind stop signs and searching under street lights -- even in an old outhouse.

"One of my friends just casually mentioned geocaching and asked if I knew what it was. I didn't so, of course, I had to look it up ... I have to know everything," she said.

Geocaching is a GPS (Global Positioning System) scavenger hunt. Participants, or "players," place items at various locations for other participants to find. There are millions of caches around the world, just waiting to be found.

"Basically, it's a GPS scavenger hunt that you can use a Garmin or GPS or you can use your Smartphone. It's free to use. You just download the app or you can go straight from your computer to a GPS," Ranew explained. "You find different coordinates and then you navigate to those coordinates, and you look for containers that are hidden in plain view or sometimes they are well hidden."

All sorts of items can be found inside the containers.

"Inside of those containers are either a paper log where you sign your user name or there's a log and sometimes there are little trinkets. People leave all sorts of toys, coins, trackable items that have a goal where you want them to travel the world. Some of them have really specific goals," Ranew said.

Ranew has one that must travel back to her home state of Illinois and back to her again.

"And one of my friends has one that has to go to every police station it can go to and then come back," she said.

Ranew and her group, Cenla Geocachers, will be part of the Beauregard Parish Trash Bash set May 17. She is hoping to use that opportunity to introduce others to the hobby. She said a lot of local people are involved in geocaching -- more  than you think.

"It's fun," she said. "You get to be outside and most importantly, you learn about local history."

You can learn more about the group HERE.

You can learn more about geocaching HERE.
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