BARC audit looks into financial discrepencies

BEAUREGARD PARISH -- An audit of the Beauregard ARC has turned up some financial discrepancies.
According to an independent audit report by DeRidder accountant John Windham, “Money contributed to the organization and ticket sales from fundraisers had little or no documentation and receipt books were not used.”
The report, released publicly Monday, also indicated that this was a recurring problem that had been going on since 2008.
The audit also found that, “Some of the monthly bank reconciliations were found to be inaccurate and were not discovered by management due to a lack of monitoring.”
In a written response, the association stated that bank reconciliations had formerly been done by hand, however, due to the guidance of the audit, the association had hired independent auditor Randy Brown to do quarterly reviews.
Officials also implemented software to better keep track of bank statements.
Here's the report:$FILE/00037F28.pdf
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