Federal lawsuit filed over New Llano pit bull ban

LAKE CHARLES -- A lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court, Western District, over the pit bull ban in New Llano.
The suit, a "complaint for injunctive relief, declaratory relief and for damages," was filed Monday by residents Christina Nelson and Victor Nelson, according to court documents on, the federal court system's online database.
The Nelsons have a dog, "Mazzy," that was banned from the town.
According to court documents, Mazzy is a mixed breed, shelter dog and "no breed pedigree was ever provided to the Nelsons regarding Mazzy."
The suit ultimately challenges the constitutionality of the town's ban ordinance because dogs can be seized without a hearing. Among other things, the suit also challenges the town's method of determining a dog's breed -- a canine DNA test.
The Nelsons are represented by Stacy R. Palowsky of Madisonville, and Fred M. Kray of Gainesville, Florida.
The case has been assigned to U.S. Judge Patricia Minaldi.
No hearings have been set.
The plaintiffs have requested a jury weigh the case.
A lawsuit presents the grievance of one party against others. It does not present both sides of the issue in question.
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