Leesville rolls out 2014-2015 proposed budget

LEESVILLE -- The Leesville City Council on Monday rolled out its proposed budget for 2014-2015.

Operating revenues sit at around $10.4 million -- $291,624 up from last fiscal year.

Megan O'Banion, the city's finance director, in a budget summary, said the hike is due to "inflation, increasing retirement costs, increased debt service payments, increase in capital outlay expenditures and the opening of second pool."

According to officials, city coffers are made up of 54 percent in taxes, 27 percent in services, 12 percent in intergovernmental revenue, 4 percent in licenses and permits, and 3 percent in fines/forfeitures.

Expenditures are projected at over $9.9 million, and surplus dollars total $630,178 before non-cash items.

The budget is available for public inspection at City Hall. A public hearing will be held May 27. Budget amendments for this fiscal year are also being eyed. State law requires that budgets be balanced by the end of an agency's fiscal year, which in the city's case is June 30.

Here's a look at expenditures in the money plan, according to officials:

General fund expenditures: $2,691,039. This includes the Administrative Department, $191,773; Executive Department, $77,335; Legal Department, $59,050; General Government, $891,525; Finance Department, $223,085; Street Department, $941,104; Airport, $154,349; Planning Department, $137,508; and Civil Service Board, $15,310. Beginning General Fund balance is $174,449 with and end balance of $178,405.

Anticipated Sales Tax Fund expenditures: $450,569. This includes General Government, $107,576; Leisure Pool, $63,191; MLK Center, $124,422; Recreation Complex, $42,905; and Golf Course, $112,475. The beginning fund balance is $356,826 and the end fund balance is $357,758.

Anticipated Public Safety fund expenditures: $3,813,195. Beginning fund balance is $3,723 with an end fund balance of $4,278.

Anticipated Utility Fund expenditures: $3,006,768. This includes Sewer, $1,006,548; Wastewater, $416,685; and Water, $1,583,535.

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