DeRidder swears in officials, says farewell to outgoing members

DERIDDER -- Joe Siciliano will be moving on from DeRidder, but the city will always be near.

For years, Siciliano has served as councilman of DeRidder's District 5. He chose not to seek re-election during the spring municipal election. He and his wife will be moving on to new adventures, he said, but he'll carry DeRidder in his heart.

"My wife and I will be retiring. We decided it's time for us to relax. So, probably in mid-August, after we sell our house and purchase our house, we will move down to Florida -- a little town called The Villages. It's a beautiful retirement community and we're really looking forward to it," Siciliano said.

Siciliano and another outgoing member -- Robert "Bo" Rice --  were honored Monday during the city's swearing-in ceremony at Wooten Theatre. Officials, including DeRidder Mayor Ron Roberts, took their oaths for the 2014-2018 term.

Rice said he enjoyed his time on the panel. He plans on serving his community in other ways.

"I love serving the people of DeRidder," he said. "DeRidder is a beautiful place, it's a progressive place and I can't help but want to do more for DeRidder."

Siciliano said he'll keep up with DeRidder on social media and through friends.

"I will follow DeRidder through DeRidder's Facebook page, through Kerri Broussard, through Misty Clanton, so yes, I will follow DeRidder very closely," he said.

Siciliano had a message for DeRidder residents, present and future.

"Don't talk bad about DeRidder. You always hear people talk negative about DeRidder but you never see them at a council meeting. I would recommend that they go to their council meetings, talk to their council members, get involved. The mayor has got projects coming up and he's always looking for volunteers to work with the city to better the City of DeRidder," he said.

Those sworn in Monday included the mayor, councilman-at-large Vincent LaBue, councilman-at-large Hayward Steele, Kimaron Haynes-Moore of District 1, Faith Scott of District 2, Gordon Jenkins of District 3, Elizabeth Granger of District 4 and Keith Hooper, District 5.
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